"" Writer's Wanderings: April 2022

Friday, April 15, 2022

From The Heart


Life is a journey. If you have followed my blog, you'll find that I say that often. My newest release brings you along on a good part of my life journey. There are lots of life's lessons, fun times, extraordinary encounters and of course travel stories.

My files hold a lot of short stories and talks that I gave when I was busier with speaking engagements. Since we travel so much, it is difficult to keep up with a speaking track. I kind of miss that but I wouldn't trade my time traveling with my husband for anything. 

Some of the highlights of From The Heart include singing Amazing Grace with a hundred others in China and lessons learned in the desert of Australia as well as at home with a husband and five children. What would you do if your ship finally came in and it turned out to be an ark? How do you pack for life's journey? Journey with me to the top of a mountain in Alaska and Japan and dive to the depths of the ocean in Papua New Guinea. Laugh with me as I learn to cook and discover salt is not just for seasoning meat.

There's tea time but the best cup of tea was really a cup of love. While it might be a little difficult these days to keep fuel in your car, I'll give you some ideas for keeping your tank of joy full. There's also a purple Christmas stocking story and a Christmas gift that barks. 

I could go on but I'd rather you discover all that From The Heart has to offer. This book is truly from my heart.

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