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Monday, December 19, 2005

The KID in Christmas

Over the weekend, I gave two very different presentations about the KID in Christmas. They were sparked by an ad I saw for the Elf, a Christmas movie in DVD now. The ad said, "For the kid in all of us."

The first presentation was for Toastmasters and I spoke about letting the kid come out at Christmas to make the holiday more fun--Kicking Christmas off with the enthusiasm of a child, Indulging in childish things (candy canes and snowmen), De-Scrooging Christmas.

The second was at my church. I used the letters K-I-D to talk about Jesus being born a King, Incarnate God, and Delight of His Father. I added an exclamation point--rejoice!

It was actually a shameless way of showing off my four grandchildren. You see I made large letters and an exclamation point and put their pictures on the letters that spelled out KID! I used them to make each of my points in the talks.

While everyone chuckled over what I'd done I did make my overall point: Christmas is a time to celebrate and who celebrates better than a kid at Christmas?

So I wish you a Merry Christmas and remind you to let the kid in you come out to celebrate the KID!

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