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Monday, May 21, 2007

Neighborhood Gang

This morning I discovered that we have a gang in our neighborhood. There were at least six of them moving from yard to yard, being very boisterous. They were wearing their colors--black and yellow. I knew there was something going on like this. I could see the evidence in my own yard--the thistle in the feeder kept disappearing at an alarming rate.

The goldfinches are a welcome sign of summer. Their bright yellow bodies are the first signal that spring is here as they shed their drab winter gray. This morning though was the first time I realized they traveled in a group. They were flitting from tree to tree nosily chattering and just looking to get into trouble--I'm sure of it.

I wondered if it would have been half as interesting and amusing had I been walking with an MP3 player and earphones stuck in my ears. Seems like we have so many things that can keep us from being involved with our world. I enjoyed their happy chatter and the twitter of the less active songbirds of the morning. The neighborhood gangs harmonize pretty well.

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