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Monday, April 19, 2010

Books for The Road - Dear John

The romance genre is not one that I am drawn to often, but when it has Nicholas Sparks as the author I rarely pass it up and I'm rarely disappointed. Dear John was intriguing because of all the promos I saw in the movie theater for the movie version. This is one case where perhaps the movie might have been better. While I enjoyed the read over all, there were places where it seemed bogged down with too much detail and ruminating on the character's part.

The story is one of a restless young man who enlists in the army and shortly thereafter meets the girl of his dreams. (Yes, his name is John). They are a perfect match and fall deeply in love but both want to wait until after his term of duty to decide on anything permanent. His term of duty gets extended by 9/11 and complications in the relationship develop. As always, Sparks makes the love story difficult for his characters and this one is no exception. There are all sorts of outside influences over their choices that seem to lead them further apart rather than bringing them together. It has an unusual ending one that may or may not satisfy the reader of romance.

If you like Sparks, this one will be okay for you. If not, don't let this be the first of his you read.

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