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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Books For The Road - 61 Hours

Lee Child’s 61 Hours is a Reacher novel and the first I’ve read. Jack Reacher, the story’s protagonist, is a retired military officer, the ex-commander of a specialized and very secretive unit. He is thrust into the middle of the problems of a small town in South Dakota where a mysterious facility built by the military is the center of a tremendous battle for drugs and a drug lord vs. drug lord type struggle.

In the center of all of the suspected drug activity is an older lady, Janet Salter, who is a critical witness in an upcoming trial that could shut down the drug activity. Bravely she takes a stand and decides to follow through with her testimony despite the threat to her life. Reacher is drawn into the melee when the bus he is riding has an accident outside of town and the passengers are stuck in a South Dakota snow storm. When the deputy chief of police realizes Reacher’s talents as an investigator, he draws Reacher into the investigation and the witness protection.

Throughout the book, the author counts down starting of course with 61 hours. But the question throughout until the end is count down to what? It builds suspense along with the other parts of the plot that unfold.

The Reacher character is quite likeable with of course the usual twisted bits that make up a character such as his. I truly liked the way Child mirrored Jack Reacher’s character in Janet Salter, the older woman, who finds a way into his heart.

I’m looking forward to reading more Reacher novels by Child. This is a great take along book for the road.

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