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Friday, February 15, 2013

Books For The Road - Traveling With Pomegranates

While searching for something to expand my reading circle ( I get too caught up in Jack Reacher type books), I ran across this title, Traveling With Pomegranates, and found that Sue Monk Kidd was one of the authors. Her daughter, Ann Kidd Taylor, was coauthor. I loved The Secret Life of Bees. This new-to-me book offered to take me back to Greece and France.

It's actually a travel book/mother-daughter story of discovery. Sue deals with trying to capture her identity now as she turns 50 and Ann, twenty-something, is trying to find herself as she is about to branch out and go her own way. The parallels are interesting as the two of them travel together several times throughout the book. It was also a glimpse into the making of the Bees book and the struggle a parent has with the realization that their child is striking out on her own.

The description on Amazon sums it up well: A wise and involving book about feminine thresholds, spiritual growth, and renewal, Traveling with Pomegranates is both a revealing self-portrait by a beloved author and her daughter, a writer in the making, and a momentous story that will resonate with women everywhere.

It was a nice diversion from what I usually read and I enjoyed revisiting with them some of the places I had already been. I added a few more to my list as well.

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