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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Airplane Seats - Oh, My Achin' Back!

Several items from travel newsletters have come into my inbox that have to do with being able to sleep on a plane. Short of getting a business class or first class upgrade we are stuck with trying to sleep in coach. For Bob it's not a problem. He could sleep anywhere. For me, well, if I get a couple of nods I'm lucky.

I've tried all the hints. No blue screens-meaning I'm off the phone and computer before I try to sleep. I read. I take Tylenol PM. I don't have caffeine. I don't eat heavily before or during the flight. Etc. and etc. I will still be awake through most of the flight--day or night. Why? Well, it might be that the seat is so uncomfortable that I keep waking up from the back pain.

So, when I saw the new hints and suggestions, I suddenly wondered why coach seats are so uncomfortable. Turns out its because they have to be lightweight and sturdy. Adding lumbar support would add too much weight and the mechanisms to control it would need too many repairs thus not only causing more expense for construction but also for maintenance. I thought it was maybe because of safety but, no, it has to do more with the bottom line in the financial ledgers.

Apparently seats are designed for the average customer. I guess if you are too tall or too short you are out of luck but that still doesn't explain why they are shaped like a C.  The best I can do is to take a sweater with me and wad it up behind my back. Some relief but I'm guessing as I get older, there are going to have to be fewer trips and the extra money spent for more comfort. I'm off to negotiate with the "travel agent" I'm married to for some upgrades.

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