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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Cards and Waves and Baby Yoda, Oh My!

The last week of our Norway cruise gave us three sea days. Ah, but now we were armed with playing cards and there was always an empty table in the bridge players room. 

Not only did we have a table to play cards at (we play Hand and Foot, not bridge) but there was always a table set with hot water, tea bags, coffee, cream, sugar and yup, chocolate chip cookies. One day we even had sweet rolls. And the bridge players rarely showed up in the morning.

It certainly helped to pass the time better than the adult coloring sessions or the How To Look Ten Years Younger seminars. I told Bob if I couldn't look twenty years younger, it wasn't worth sitting through.

We managed to watch a couple of movies. They showed 80 For Brady one night on the large screen near the Lido pool. At least it was quieter than the afternoon they tried to show Puss N Boots. 

There were two days that were really a rough ride on the North Atlantic. As we came out of the theater the one evening a wave caught the ship and sent us all staggering into the wall. I didn't look back but I surely hoped those people coming up the stairs behind us from the lower seats were all okay.

Bob has visited the gym most every afternoon. He's so dedicated. It's usually right after his afternoon nap.

I've spent much of my afternoons working on this blog which has helped to pass the time. What few lectures there are on sea days we've heard before, including A City On The Sea, which we saw on the first segment of our cruise. It is a video featuring areas of the ship like the engine room and the bridge that are not open to visitors. I had no idea there was a tailor onboard but it makes sense that uniforms would need repair (maybe expansion?). Back in the really old days they actually made all the uniforms onboard the ship.

Towel animals are not as frequent as they used to be but they still show up once in a while in the evening. We've had an elephant, a lobster, a frog and with the voting on Facebook done, a Baby Yoda. I wasn't sure if it was Yoda or a teddy bear so I took a survey of my Facebook friends. 

As we wrap up this last sea day, we'll be pulling out the suitcases from under the bed and packing before we go to sleep. We'll skip putting them out in the hall for pickup as we will roll them off the ship ourselves early in the morning and over to the Amsterdam Central Station to take the train to the airport. With any luck it will all go smoothly and we'll be home soon.

 At least home will be a bit warmer than it was here in the Land Of The Midnight Sun. I'm not as hardy as the Norwegian surfer we caught running across the field with his board under his arm headed for the waves. 

I wonder if he had long johns on under the wet suit?

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