"" Writer's Wanderings: The Lone Sneaker

Friday, January 28, 2005

The Lone Sneaker

There it was in the middle of four lanes of traffic--the lone sneaker--sitting forlornly on the cold pavement waiting to tell its story. How does one sneaker find itself in the middle of a street separated from its mate?
  • It was tossed out the window as a joke by a passing car full of teens
  • It held on to the roof of the car where someone had rested it while they opened the door and then finally fell off exhausted, bouncing across the asphalt until finally coming to rest against the median strip (the mate fell off earlier)
  • A dog, thinking it great fun to tease his master, ran off with it in his mouth only to become confused by the traffic and dropped his prize in the middle of the street

So many possibilities stream through the mind when you wonder how one lone sneaker can end up in the middle of the street. But wait--perhaps the sneaker chose to sit there and watch life fly by speculating on where all the cars are going.


Rose Thetis said...

I often wonder, when I see a sneaker, how it got there. It does seem a little sad sitting there all alone. What I think is more sad are children's toys alone on a highway. The images is actually more ominous than sad.

Karen said...

I have had the ominous thought too about the lone sneaker. I'd rather think it was just misplaced somehow.

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