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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Adoption--Bonding 17

[Gwen: I hope today's post offers the hope you seek. It is so hard to leave our children in God's hands. There are several places in the Bible where we are told not to be slaves to fear. It doesn't say we won't worry now and then--just don't be a slave to it. God bless.]

I mentioned inheriting a worry gene from my mother. Actually, I think she taught me how to worry. She also taught me that worry can bring on a lot of health problems. Life is too short to raise stress and anxiety levels over things that are not within your control.

There are times when my mother's voice comes quietly over my shoulder reminding me of some of the things she found important to teach me. I can't put on makeup without hearing her say, "Don't have a heavy hand. You look so much prettier with less."

One day, before Cheryl completely abandoned us, she and her husband came to the house to do laundry. Cheryl had a basketful of towels to fold. Her husband wanted to get done faster so he pitched in and grabbed a towel. He folded it in half and in half again and yet again and set it in the basket. Cheryl grabbed it, shook it out and said, "That's not the way you fold a towel."

"So, show me how," he retorted.

She promptly folded it in thirds lengthwise and then in half twice.

"Where did you learn to do that?" he asked. Cheryl nodded in my direction.

It was a little thing, but what a sense of pride it brought me. She may have gotten her pretty physical features from her biological mother, but she learned to fold a towel from me.

That simple scene has played out in my mind often. I cling to it as evidence. If she learned to fold a towel from me, then there are other things she learned as well. I'm certain that my voice comes over her shoulder now and then. Perhaps some day she'll choose to follow it. Or more importantly to follow God's voice that calls out to her heart. If she would only choose to become a part of His family, to bond with Him, I would truly rejoice.

[This is the last post on Adoption Bonding. I hope you all have found it helpful. Thanks for encouraging me to share my story.]

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Gwen said...

Oh I will so miss your adoption bonding posts. I do understand it's time to move on to something else! Thanks so much for opening up about your adoptions. It does help! I think for me right now with our son I just wonder when will he truly feel like "MY" son. For my daughters they were newborns so it was instantly. No one else had mothered them. I do remember feeling a slight twinge of "what if they know I'm not the one they have been inside the last 9 months." That passed quickly though. With my son he was 3 1/2 years old and had a mother before me. When will he truly feel I'm his mother and when will I truly feel he's my son. Anyway....getting off on a tangent here. Thanks again for sharing so much! It truly has been a blessing! I anxiously await your next story!-Gwen

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