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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Snapshots of Life

Random thoughts of what has passed and what is to come:
  • Watched our Antarctica trip on video...how magnificent it truly was.
  • Looking forward to our next trip--South America and the Canal.
  • Anticipating VIP night with Tyler at his preschool.
  • Remembering Kotomi yelling at Grandpa in Japanese.
  • Encouraging Tracy in her new venture--http://trig-out.blogspot.com/
  • Wondering what kind of adventures Danielle will find in life--something in those eyes...
  • Amazed that Caleb is sitting up already. Is he six months old already?
  • Blessed and encouraged with feedback from speaking at the women's retreat.
  • Excited at the prospect of more opportunities to speak to groups.
  • Waiting...waiting...waiting on news about my novel.
  • Eager to begin the next book.
  • Praising God for all the opportunities in my life to serve Him.
  • Thanking Him for all the good snapshots of life.

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