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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Yesterday for some wild and crazy reason, I searched Amazon for my out of print book, Divide the Child. Now the interesting thing is that most of the books I autographed were to friends and family. Sure enough, there on Amazon were at least six books all of which were said to be autographed or "seems to be autographed" by the author. I only signed "Karen" since they were friends/relatives.

Six people didn't want to hold onto those first books for sentimental reasons or in the hope that I might become a famous writer and the book would truly have some real value--other than being a good story, of course. I don't want to know who they were.


Lori said...

It wasn't us!! Your book still holds a position of honor on our bookshelf, where it waits to be joined by other works by Karen Robbins. (Besides, I would have picked Ebay.) ;)

Mean Puppies Inc. said...

Well just so it helps you narrow down your suspects, it wasn't us either. At one point we had 2 copies of Divide the Child (and we may still have), I have a vague memory of giving someone the 2nd copy.

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