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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Living Vicariously

We are often accused of doing this through our children and while my writing friend, Trish Berg is young enough to be one of my children, I'm living vicariously through her exciting week. Yesterday she had ABC news show up at her doorstep to tape "a day in the life of" segment about blogging moms.

Trish is author of The Great American Supper Swap and an upcoming book Rattled, Surviving Your Baby's First Year Without Losing Your Cool. She's a worker bee and deserves these moments in the limelight. More so because she is giving the glory to God.

Speaking of limelight (an old term for spotlight). . .I am committing to a more regular posting schedule for my blog. I keep waiting for life to slow down a bit but it ain't gonna happen. My theme for a while will be "In My Lifetime" as a tribute to my reaching six decades in this walk on earth. I remember all the good stories of my parents and grandfather recalling the "good old days." A lot of those days have been greatly improved and I am amazed at what has been developed in just the short span of my life. So, for posterity, we'll explore the changes in telephones in my next post. And no, I do not go back to the Alexander Graham Bell era!

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