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Sunday, September 30, 2007

In My Lifetime--Phones

When I was a child, it took a bit of dexterity and a strong finger to make a phone call. I grew up with rotary phones. You put your finger in the appropriate hole and turned the dial all the way to the little metal stopper to enter the appropriate number. When you didn't know a number, you dialed the operator and a real live person asked, "May I help you?"

Next came the push-button phone. This was a lot of fun at first because you could actually play a little song with the different tones the buttons made. Technically, I know that led to all sorts of other things--like the dreaded "press one for this and press two for that," etc.

This past weekend, we stopped at an AT&T store and took a look at the new IPhone by Apple. There are not even any buttons to push on this phone! It's all done by touch and in addition to it being a phone, it connects with the internet, plays personal music choices, displays a map for the directionally challenged, checks e-mail, does the laundry, cleans house . . . well, maybe not those last two--yet.

It's all about connecting nowadays and staying connected. If only we were as eager to stay connected to God.


Erica Vetsch said...

My FIL is technology challenged. When he asked me to find him a cell phone he could operate himself, I had a fleeting thought of an IPhone with a rotary dial stuck on the bottom of it!

Mean Puppies Inc. said...

I remember being fascinated with the super old rotary phone at my grandparents house. Their house was kind of like a living museum. But I seem to remember a rotary phone at my house when I was very little. We also were on a party line for a long time.

There was a news story here last night about a girl who met some child molester on a party line. I told Rob that I thought party lines were ancient history, but his idea of a party line was a phone number you could call and talk to a group of people. Ours was just a set of similar numbers that used the same line and if someone was talking you could listen in...er I mean had to wait your turn. ;)

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