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Friday, January 11, 2008

Contract Signing!

It's the story of six lovely ladies who were living in six cities far apart.

All of them with aspirations and lots and lots of heart.

Til the one day when these ladies got together,

Though the internet was not as good as lunch,

They began to form a friendship and pool ideas,

Now they're a contracted writers bunch!!

Known as the Word Quilters, Trish Berg, Brenda Nixon, Terra Hangen, Leslie Wilson and myself under the leadership of Cathy Messecar will be publishing a book called "A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts" with Leafwood Publishers in October of 2008. The three Ohio WQs signed the contract at a coffee house in Loudenville this morning.

The six of us met online through a writers forum and formed a group to encourage each other in our careers. Along the way, we found an idea for a collabrative book and have been working on it for a year now. I feel privileged to be the only member who has met all five of the others face-to-face. Three of us are from Ohio, one from California and two from Texas.

It was great fun this morning and we look forward to this great adventure together. (Left to right bottom picture: Brenda, Me, Trish)



Anonymous said...

Yeah is right! From 6 points on the map, we've come together via email to develop a unique bond of friendship and professional support. Fortunately, three of us have the luxury of occasionally meeting face-to-face (like today) for important business.
It's gonna be a fun journey!
~ Brenda

Lori said...

Hooray!!! I'm happy for you!!

Trish Berg said...


YOU may have a secret talent as a song writer, my friend! What fun is this! I am so blessed to be writing beside such talented ladies, and know that A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts will touch many lives...

I can;t wait for OCTOBER!!!!


What fun this ride is...

Blessings - Trish Berg
One of the WQ BUNCH

Erica Vetsch said...

Congratulations, Karen!

Anonymous said...

Jingle song, Jingle song, Jingle all the way, Oh what fun we'll have in a writerly sort of way. Hey!

Couldn't resist. You know how we play off each other's words and in this case lyrics. I am excited, too about all the fun we'll have promoting this work from six women, who have not had one tiff through any of these years.

Lovely pics....Cathy

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