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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Starbucks Bowl

Last week I attended the Erma Bombeck Humor Workshop in Dayton. It was a great writers conference. Garrison Keillor, Connie Schultz, and Martha Bolton spoke. Keillor is a great story teller. You just wind him up and he goes forever.

I attended a workshop called Raising Your Humor Writing IQ led by Dr. Mark Shatz. One of the exercises he had us do was centered on Starbucks. Here's some of what I came up with:

The Starbucks Bowl

Word has it that beer will be replaced at football stadiums with Starbucks coffee. Football fans will belly-up to the barista and be able to order a Frothy Five Yarder--one shot of five different flavors.

Souvenir Starbucks hats will be available as well. They will replace the ever popular beer hats that are worn on the top of the head with long plastic straws for sipping your favorite brew. The Starbucks hats will serve a greater purpose than just refreshing the football fan. The hot coffee will also warm the fan's head.

Dollar beer night will be replaced by dollar Venti night. Vendors in the stands will be equipped to froth your lattes with the new portable mini-cappuccino machine.

The best news of all. . .a new NCAA championship football game will become part of the post season schedule--the Starbucks Bowl! Instead of the winners proclaiming a trip to Disney World, however, they will all be saying, "I"m goin' to Starbucks!"

(Hope I've made you smile.)

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