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Friday, May 30, 2008

Give Me A Break!!

It's baseball season and I love going to the Indians' games a few times during the summer. Our first game tickets were for an afternoon game this week. It was interesting to see the new name "Progressive Field" displayed just about everywhere it could be. While I understand the name comes from an insurance company, it could well describe the prices for food at the ballpark.

Everything was up in price at least a quarter. Now I'm sure that all had to do with the price of gas or the fact that houses aren't selling well or maybe because some mouse in a lab didn't make the right turn and find his cheese. It amazes me that we can buy a huge bag of carmel corn on our way to the game for $3.50 but inside the ballpark a small one-serving bag costs $3.75. For the cost of one ballpark hot dog, we got a Subway sandwich that fed both of us.

What really got to me though was the cost of a bottle of water. The ballpark does not allow you to carry in your own drinks--unless you are under 4 feet tall and it's in the form of a drink box. Bottled water is now selling for $4 and it's not in a 2 liter bottle. Guess someone decided that if OSU could get that much they could too.

But wait! I'm not done. On the drink menu is also listed "Ice Water," tap water in a cup with ice. It sells for $3.25! Tap water! Essence of Lake Erie!!

Give me a break!

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