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Monday, May 26, 2008

Alternative Reality

This weekend we were in Columbus, OH, for a wedding and stayed at the Hyatt downtown at the height of a Multiple Alternative Realities Convention. For those of you (like me) who have never heard that term before, MARCON is an annual gathering of Sci-fi buffs mostly of the comic book type.

The night of the wedding was also the night of the masquerade for the convention and when we returned to the hotel at midnight, we had to walk through a full lobby bar to get to the elevator. I thought maybe I was asleep and just dreaming that I was walking through some sort of surreal painting or was caught in one of those Twilight Zones.

It was a hoot sharing the elevator with such notable characters as Batman, Darth Vader, and several Death Eaters among others less familiar to me. But when my husband said out loud that he felt "underdressed," the poor woman in some costume from a Star Wars episode covered her face and said, "Oh God, I am so embarressed." Actually, I thought we should be. We weren't dressed for the occassion.

Hope they all had a good time. Weird as it seemed, it looked like fun and much better than a "reality" TV show.

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Mean Puppies Inc. said...

There was a similar convention (MEGACON) in Orlando when we were there for NRB last year. It was really interesting to see all the costumes, but the guns some of them were carrying were a little too realistic for me!

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