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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grandma, Read Me Jesus

As I tucked my granddaughter into bed last week, she surprised me with her choice of a bedtime story. Off of her shelf of books that contained stories of childhood wonder, she pulled out a children's Bible and handed it to me.

"Grandma, read me Jesus," she said. "when he died for me."

Now try and keep a dry eye on that one! I quickly found the place and read of His crucifixion and then of His resurrection. I wanted to be sure she knew that not only did Jesus die for her but that He lives for her as well.

It reminded me of the times I sang her father to sleep with the hymn, "In The Garden." The words always give me encouragement and I wanted my children to grow up knowing that "He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own." It is true joy to be shared.

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