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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


When we were at the fair we walked past the all the carnival games with their "barkers" goading us to come and play. I always look for the milk bottle booth. I remember as a really young child my grandfather giving me a beat up old baseball. I learned later that it was from the booth he ran as a "Carnie." I know now that it was a tough life for him and my grandmother. I can't imagine trying to live on what they made on the carnival circuit.

Someone once told me that it wasn't necessarily how hard you hit the milk bottles but where you hit them that counts. I did a little research and found a few places on the internet that support that theory. You need to aim at the base and the space between the two bottom bottles.

For the balloon dart throw booth I found a hint that says the best prizes are often hung under the balloons at the edges since most people aim for the middle. Also the balloons are a bit under-inflated so throw hard.

On the ring toss game, you need to snap your wrist as you throw so that it spins and if you're going to test your strength, accuracy is more important than how hard you swing the mallet. Aim for dead center.

Finally, it's always been my philosophy that if you really have to have that plush animal, it may be cheaper to just go buy one.

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