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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Other Side of Disney -10 Sure Things

As Grandma, I had the privilege of spending time in the shade with some of the littlest ones while they caught their nap. There was lots of time to people-watch and I was on a quest to see a different side of Disney. This is the first of some of my observations.

Most of us know or can imagine what all the wonder and magic of Disney can be. But I wonder if you've ever considered some of these sure things:

10. There will be strollers. Lots and lots of strollers. We have a friend who returned from Disney one year and declared, "It's stroller-hell!" He had teens.

9. You will be unlikely to find a stroller parking spot in the shade. And if you take the time to search one out or rearrange a few other strollers to fit in, your family will be halfway to the beginning of the ride and you'll have to try to excuse yourself and dodge scowls as you try to edge through the line to join them.

8. If your children leave crackers or Cheerios on the stroller tray, it will be automatically cleaned for you by the little birds in the park. I think these birds are real.

7. No matter how many people are sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the parade, it is guaranteed that they will all stand up when it's time for the parade making it more difficult to see.

6. If you have to go out of the secure zone for a potty stop while waiting to get into Epcot, the security guard upon your return will remember having seen your sandwiches in the bottom of your backpack.

5. Whining will increase in relation to the time of day and the heat rising from the asphalt.

4. Just when you're ready to snap the picture, the child will suddenly realize there's a huge mouse behind him with big ears.

3. Paying a royal price for a burger does not necessarily make it taste good.

2. Preschoolers are 20 pounds heavier at the end of the day.

1. There will be crying. But take heart, once you're done, you'll feel better.

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