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Friday, April 03, 2009

The Other Side of Disney--One Last Word

That last word would be: PURELL!

What do kids do best? Touch things--everything! They run their hands over the chains as they move through the waiting lines. They handle everything in front of them that's movable on a ride and then they touch their mouth, their eyes, and yours.

Now imagine the conglomeration of germs and bacteria that collectively come together from guests that arrive from all over the USA and foreign countries. I am not a germaphobic but I do have common sense--that I didn't use on this trip, obviously. I sincerely think that's how I got sick. My Purell was in my backpack and I didn't make it a ritual to use it after each ride. As the kids say, "My bad."

Invest in those little containers that hang from the belt. They are about $1.49 around here. Then buy a large dispenser of Purell to refill those weapons. Make it a game if you have to. It's warfare against germs. Draw your weapons after each ride and rub that disinfectant all over your hands and get your kids to do the same. It can be your secret mission to wipe out some secret germ or whatever you want to make up. However you have to do it, make sure your family keeps a good habit of using hand sanitizer. I'm convinced it would have saved me losing half of my vacation.

And just to get you started, go to the Purell site and get a $1 off coupon.

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