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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Books for the Road -- Secrets of Old Santa Fe

Elise Wells arrives in Santa Fe determined to get through her mother's funeral and learn the true cause of her mother's death. Fighting her guilt over her estranged relationship with her mother, she determines that she will not leave Santa Fe until she discovers the secrets everyone seems to be keeping from her. Most troubling is the man she meets, Ramon Castillo, who seems to harbor the deepest secrets yet is the one Elise wants to trust the most.

Secrets of Old Santa Fe is a great look at the countryside of New Mexico. Marion Kelley Bullock has done a fine job of setting the scenes. Her protagonist, Elise, is someone you want to take by the shoulders and shake, however. Why can't she see the secret that seems very obvious to the reader?

This is a quick, quaint, romantic read for the beach or a long airplane ride. You will need a Kindle or Sony E-book however. Available at Amazon or Desert Breeze Publishing.

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