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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

NYC - Surprises around every corner!

While we were in New York City we stopped in at the Today Show with our homemade sign and hopes of having family see us on TV. Although we didn't make it into one of the crowd shots, we did manage to get on their blog site when the photographer took a picture of us with our sign.

If you ever want to try this, you need to be in the Rockefeller plaza about 6 a.m. and earlier if there is a concert with a big name. Grab a coffee and roll at the coffee shop on the plaza and prepare to stand for quite a while. They usually come out at the weather and news breaks on the 1/2 hour. Try to come up with a clever way of saying something. Your sign will be checked as you enter to be sure the language is not offensive.

But this is NYC and there are always surprises to be had around the corner. When we gave up at 8:30 and decided to grab a real breakfast, we rounded the corner to head to Rockefeller Cafe and almost ran smack into Monk! Tony Shalhoub! He was just coming out of the building after his appearance on the show. Dick and Polly, Bob's twin and sister-in-law, are BIG fans. Dick asked if they could get a picture and Mr. Shalhoub was very gracious. It was worth the stand in the cold for all of us to see the look on Polly's face to see her favorite TV star.

We topped off the morning with our breakfast in the Cafe in Rockefeller Center watching the NBC employees make a promo for the season out by the ice rink. What a morning!!

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