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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Worship Thought

Along the narrow path in one of the towns of Cinque Terre, we were able to see the base of a few homes built along the cliff’s edge. The solid rock cliff met with the base of the house and was secured with mortar. There was no digging into the earth. The base of the home sat on a rock-solid foundation.

Later in our trip, we visited Pisa and of course, the leaning bell tower. The foundations of the buildings here are somewhat precarious and the tower is not the only thing that leans. It is just much more dramatic because its base is not as large and therefore the weight is not distributed as evenly as other buildings. Sighting down the exterior wall of the cathedral there, you can see where a part of it also has sagged. The reason: a mushy clay base beneath it. Not necessarily a sandy foundation but one just as unstable.

Within a few days, we had two great examples of what it says in the Bible about a man who builds upon rock versus one who builds upon sand. The rock foundation stands through centuries. The other leans and threatens to collapse. While the less than solid based foundation may boost the tourist industry, it’s not a good philosophy for life.

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