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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Dream Camera

One of the things that takes the most time away from vacationing and relaxing is the nightly ritual of having to go over all the pictures taken from the day's touring and labeling them so we won't forget what they are pictures of. Presently I have a Sony Cybershot that I use for photographing our experiences. I usually take a flash drive with me and download the pictures to the flash drive with our little notebook that we use for travel and put them into files with the names of the cities we visit. Then each picture gets some short name that will help me remember what it is and why I took it. (I could do this directly on the camera's memory card but this also gives me a back up should something happen to the camera.) The system works pretty well for me but takes some time and is usually done when I'd rather be reading or sleeping.

My dream camera would be one that not only would take great pictures/video but would also allow me to label the picture as soon as I take it with something other than DSC and a bunch of numbers which only show the order in which I took them. In this day and age of fancy do-everything phones, couldn't we have a camera that has a touch keyboard to allow you to label pictures as you take them? Or, since most have a microphone for video, the ability to record the name of the place/item/person you have just captured in your camera's memory bank?

I post this dream in the hope of someone telling me that the camera already exists or that someone in the position to influence the makers of cameras will decide that the idea is valuable. I'll be right there in line to purchase it when it comes out. Promise.

How do you remember what your pictures are?

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