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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Golf And Feed The Fish Too!!

One of the favorite things to do for many travelers on holiday is to golf. Devotees to the game can be seen carrying their golf clubs in baggage claim areas upon arrival in many different cities of the world that feature golf courses. Cruise lines have catered to the sport by providing putting greens, golf clinics with simulated driving ranges, and even mini-golf courses on their ships. Now, thanks to a Spanish company, you can golf and feed the fish as well!

Albus Golf LTD of Barcelona, Spain, has designed an ecological and biodegradable golf ball that has fish food in its core. When it hits the water, it biodegrades in about 48 hours and releases the food. Think of the possibilities. Here's a way to safely practice your swing at sea or the seaside or the beach (provided its not crowded).

And can you imagine the happy fish? Everytime someone yells, "Fore!", they'll be schooling together and waiting for the payoff.

Almost makes me want to take up golf.

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