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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Books For The Road - The Best of Me

Romance novels are not necessarily one of my favorite reads but I enjoy the story-styling of Nicholas Sparks so when I wanted a nice easy read with a little depth and some romance, I picked his recent release, The Best of Me.

The Best of Me is about two teenagers who fall deeply in love but due to circumstances of who their families are, they are torn apart. Actually in the name of love, Dawson releases Amanda when it is time for her to go off to college and her parents have completely forbidden her to see him. His reasoning is that love should be able to set someone free. Amanda wonders if that is because he expects love to return to him. It does. Years later when the two of them are reunited by the passing of a common friend but now the two have led very different lives. Still, they realize their love for each other has never faltered but life is complicated at best and the two struggle with what the consequences could be should they reunite.

Sparks will make you truly care about these characters and by the end you will definitely need tissues handy if you are in the least sentimental. I’m not sure if I liked the fact that I saw the ending coming probably sooner than I wanted but at least I was prepared for it. Good read for the road.

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