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Friday, November 04, 2011

Books For The Road - Shoo Fly Pie

At a writer's conference, I heard Tim Downs speak. He was informative, funny, and encouraging. The publishing house gave each attendee out one of his books, Wonders Never Cease. While I enjoyed that read, I really wanted to get into his Bugman series and finally I have. Now I'm hooked.

Shoo Fly Pie is the first in his series. (For once I'm starting at the beginning.) I actually bought the book for my husband to read while we travel. He's never finished a book so quickly. He usually puts it down and lets it ferment a bit between readings. I caught him smiling and laughing out loud. I knew it had to be good.

The story is of a woman, Kathryn Guilford, who wants to investigate the death of a friend that was officially ruled a homicide. She can't believe it and goes in search of a man who's been reported to be an expert in forensic entomology. Translated, he used flies and beetles in all stages of life to determine how long a body has been dead and even if it's been moved. A problem arises when Dr. Nick "Bugman" Polchak insists she be part of the investigation. You see, Kathryn has a phobia--insects.

Downs' character, the Bugman, is a compilation of Indiana Jones, Monk, and CSI. He is delightful and his physical description as well as his personality lend to some fun times in the reading. Mystery and action are all part of the story as well which makes it a great mix.

I'm ready for the next book!

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