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Monday, May 14, 2012

Do you have Dromomania?

We often call our penchant for travel an addiction. The other day I got to wondering if it were truly possible to be addicted to travel. While I'm not sure about the psychological ramifications, I did find a word for it--dromomania. 
According to several dictionaries the term is defined this way: a passion for wandering or traveling, a mania for roaming, an uncontrollable impulse or desire to wander or travel. The term comes from the Greek dromos meaning running and mania which indicates insanity. 

Symptoms? Ours are easily apparent. At about a six week lapse in time between trips, we begin to get restless. It's more difficult to concentrate. We begin to look at planning beyond what is already planned--new places to see. As we take our daily walk and notice a plane, its contrail leaving a chalky white mark against the blue sky, we speculate about its destination. 

Is there a cure? If there is, keep it to yourself. I rather like dromomania. 

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