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Monday, July 09, 2012

Books For The Road - Harriet Beamer Takes The Bus

When my American Christian Fiction Writer magazine arrived and I saw an ad for the book, Harriet Beamer Takes The Bus, I couldn’t help but take notice. The title sounded like a fun jaunt and that’s music to a travel addict’s ears. Added to that, I could get a copy for my new Nook and I did need to try out the downloading process. Worked like a charm and before long, I was engrossed in the discovery of a new and thoroughly likeable character, Harriet Beamer.

Harriet reminds me a bit of my mother-in-law who extremely independent although she’s quite a bit older than Harriet who is only in her seventies. Harriet’s son and daughter-in-law are convinced that she needs to give up her house and move in with them. When Harriet loses a bet with her daughter-in-law, she sells the house and concedes to moving across the country to California where they live.

But this is where you truly fall in love with Harriet. She’s not going to go easily. Instead of just packing up and flying to California, Harriet decides to take buses all the way so that she can see the countryside. And not just a Greyhound. No sir. She wants to take public transportation buses all the way. The result is a charming story filled with quirky characters along the way and some wonderful truths revealed as well.

Joyce Magnin, author of this delightful read has done a great job in making the whole story plausible and the trip quite enjoyable through Harriet’s eyes. Enjoy the ride. . .er, the read.

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