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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Books For The Road - Through My Eyes, Tim Tebow

Football fanatics take notice! This book is for you. In his memoir, Tim Tebow takes you through almost play by play action in many of his high school and college games. It was interesting although I must admit, I didn't need to relive the trouncing of Ohio State by the Florida Gators one more time.

Tebow and his co-writer, Nathan Whitaker, take you from his earliest beginnings when his mother chose not to abort her baby to the NFL draft. Along the way you learn about the influence of his faith and family that has shaped his character, the character that has garnered him praise and criticism both.

What you will enjoy from this read, aside from all the football action, is learning a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes, in the huddle (where do they come up with the naming of those plays and how do they remember them?), and in the pile of players on the field. Some of it may not be surprising to you. Some may be. All in all it's an engaging read--a book for the road, maybe as you travel to the next away game.

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