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Friday, May 31, 2013

Galapagos Journal - Fernandina Island Snorkel

Dressed in dive skins and wetsuits, our snorkel gear gathered in our mesh bag, we boarded the zodiac for our deep water snorkel. It was a bit of a ride to the place where we were to snorkel and we bounced along at the front of the zodiac as it navigated the waves and wind coming directly at us. At least, I thought, it will be an easier ride back going with the waves as long as the wind doesn’t change direction.

 We had been warned that the water would be cold but nothing prepared me for the shock when mask and snorkel finally in place, I slid off the side of the zodiac and into the water. Our first deep water snorkel had been chilly. This one was down right cold.

It didn’t take long though to realize it was going to be oh, so worth it! The sea floor about eight to ten feet below us was carpeted in green—a perfect garden for sea turtles to munch on. Our snorkel guide shouted, “Ray! Ray!” and we all dunked our heads in the water to look in the direction he pointed.

A large blue gray sting ray glided swiftly along the rocks the edges of its body ruffling as though it were a gathered piece of trim on a skirt. It must have been about five feet across.

Lots of parrot fish chomped on the rocks munching on much of the greens that the turtles would enjoy as well. Big puffer fish flashed their large puppy dog eyes at us as they scurried past.

And of course there were the sea turtles. With the clear water and the sun shining down through the depths to highlight them, they were a spectacle to behold. Their shells gleamed in the sunlight and they exhibited amazing grace as they slowly glided through the water, stopping to sample the delicacies the sea garden had to offer.

Cold? No one noticed a whole lot until our zodiac pulled in closer to pick us up. Oh, yes, we thought, maybe we are cold but let us take one more look. This was a place we were not going to forget soon.

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