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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Port of Call - Seattle, WA

Seattle was the starting and ending point for our cruise. Because of our family living there, we have visited often. It is a great city to spend some time in either before or after a cruise. On our way out of the harbor, I grabbed some great shots of the skyline and Mt. Rainier was kind enough to show itself as we sailed away. Mt. Rainier is a bit like Mt. McKinley (Denali). It manufactures its own weather system and is often shrouded by clouds. But when it clears, it is glorious.

There are beautiful mountain areas that surround the Seattle area. The waterways lend an unsurpassed beauty to the city and surrounding towns. Downtown Seattle is fascinating in itself with its history. We have explored the underground where the old part of Seattle still lies after the new Seattle was built on the ruins of the burned buildings after the great fire of 1889. The city was subject to flooding so it was all built up higher to prevent further problems. It's a fascinating tour and story.

Of course there's the space needle, the landmark of the city, and the Farmer's Market where you can watch the infamous "fish toss." The first Starbucks is right around the corner from the market. Plenty of places to shop, eat, and lots of coffee places to get your caffeine hit. If you'd like to see some of the things we've done in past visits, check out my travel index for Washington.

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