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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

New Zealand Diary - What Day Is It?

This may be confusing to some of my readers who know that we left on October 1 for New Zealand and here it is October 9 and this is my first post. Before each trip we take, I always write a few posts ahead and schedule them (thanks to Blogger) to appear on my blog during the first few days of our journey. For one thing, we usually lose a day with travel and then we can't always be sure of internet connections. And this time we have the added delight of also losing a day by crossing the International Date Line. We left Cleveland on the afternoon of the 1st and arrived in Auckland the morning of the 3rd. If you think you're confused. . .

But here we are in Auckland and even though it is the 9th, we'll act like it's the 3rd (here in NZ) and I'll start posting as if the journey were just beginning. Which it is because you see I'm actually writing this as I begin our trip but it won't post until the 9th thanks to the scheduler on Blogger. Still confused? Okay, let's change the subject.

We flew United to San Francisco and then boarded an Air New Zealand for Auckland. When I discovered what airline we were flying, I remembered an old post I did about "the airline with nothing to hide." I checked. Yup, it was Air New Zealand. I won't make you click on a link. Below is the safety video from a few years ago. And yes, the clothing is all body paint. And you thought the Aussies were edgy.

Actually, ANZ has changed its safety film and now features one with Bear Gryllis who is a survivalist on a reality show. Its every bit as good as the other one. When I searched for it, I found that ANZ changes their safety film quite often. There are quite a few to look at if you're interested. Just go to YouTube and search for Air New Zealand safety video.

Auckland to Paihia now that we've landed--safely without having to use any survival techniques other than those needed to get through immigration and customs. A word to the wise: be sure you don't carry any fresh food into the country even if it's packaged. Those little dogs sniff out more than illegal drugs.

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