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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Little Known National Parks

Whenever I see an article that challenges me with "little known" or "out of the way" places I always need to check it out and see if we've been there. That was the case when I ran across an article at Smarter Travel.com that challenged me with National Parks I might not have known existed. I was surprised to find that I've been to one three times and didn't realize it was a park. St. John's Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands is mostly the Virgin Islands National Park.

St. John is one of the places we escape to when we cruise the Caribbean and want to avoid the traffic mess and crowds on St. Thomas. You need to have enough time to get there and back before your ship sails though so there are times when we don't chance it. A ferry is the only way to get there but once there, plenty of options are available to you.

One time we went to Trunk Bay and snorkeled the underwater trail. Another time we climbed aboard an open air truck and took a tour of the historical aspects of the island. I don't remember being told that the National Park takes up most of the island--but then, it was the Caribbean, it was warm, and I was relaxing. Perhaps next time we can walk some of the park trails.

Out of the ten parks listed in the article, I'd only been to one. I need to print out a list of the others. I'm sure Bob will want to add them to his National Parks passport that he likes to get stamped. There's even one in American Samoa! Do I see another dive trip in our future?

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