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Thursday, May 29, 2014

In My Backyard - Teddy, The Bullfrog

Somehow spring has just gotten away from me and I find myself breathlessly trying to catch up with it. Having an injured wrist put off lots of gardening chores and has certainly slowed down the ones I've started on but now the yard is beginning to look less weedy and there are some flowers planted. Of course that will sound the dinner bell for the deer and rabbits.

The chipmunks have been merrily excavating in the flower beds digging up rocks that are obviously from the original construction of our house. They can't undermine the foundation can they?

To my delight and entertainment, however, Teddy, the bullfrog is back or his counterpart is, bellowing and bulging at the throat and apparently trying to attract attention from the females in the area. Remember last year? I posted the Great Frog Take Down where three frogs were inhabiting the pond and two wrestled for the privilege of keeping the territory and I'm sure, the female frog.

What amazed me as I worked in the yard this year was the tenacity of Teddy. Fearless, he squatted on a rock across the pond from me about eight feet away and wasn't the least bit intimidated by my movements when I got within three feet of him. The next day, he even jumped closer to me to see what I was doing. That bellow made me drop my trowel as I was startled by the sudden unexpected sound so near.

Ah, Teddy, there's a story here I'm sure. If I were a children's book author I'd make you the main character but alas, I don't write for kids. There is that character, Annie Pickels, though who is a kid at heart and I'm thinking that Teddy just might get a spot in the sequel to In A Pickle. Patience. I have to finish Ruby first. By then though Teddy will probably have quite a family. He doesn't seem the bachelor type.

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