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Friday, June 13, 2014

Unique Entertainment on Christmas Island

Back in 2007 we flew to Papeete, Tahiti, stayed in bungalows over the water on Moorea, then cruised the French Polynesian Islands and set off for Hawaii. Along the way to Hawaii we cruised near Pitcairn where the mutineers from the Bounty were said to have taken up residence and then we stopped for a very short time at Christmas Island.

Jokes and teasing abounded as we neared. Christmas Island (Karitimati) was the site of hydrogen bomb testing by the British and Americans. Be on the lookout for a green glow was the primary comment. According to what I read about Karitimati on Lonely Planet, the glow, if there ever was one, was long gone before we landed.

What we did find was a lot of sand, few trees, and some locals eager to greet visitors and sell us something. So far out in the middle of nowhere I had the feeling perhaps they were eager for new faces and something different in the regular course of their days.

I remember it being extremely hot--a good reason not to linger. The craft fair was interesting but what we truly enjoyed was watching a couple of pickup trucks arrive with PVC piping that turned out to be homemade instruments. It only took a couple of minutes to unload and instantly we were being entertained by undoubtedly one of the most unique bands I'll ever see. The video is not the greatest (old camera) but I wanted to share it.

Our 2015 World Cruise won't stop at Christmas Island but will pass it by. I'll not look for a green glow but I will listen for those musical pipes as we do.

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