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Thursday, March 26, 2015

World Cruise - Walking On Water

I had some fun when my Map My Walk app was working correctly on my phone. The first few weeks it seemed to work well and I was able to post some of our walks. One of them confused some of you out there and I got all sorts of questions like, “Were you swimming?” and “Can you walk on water?” Well, no I wasn’t swimming with my phone but in a sense I was walking on water—with the help of the ship of course.

Each day that we are at sea I try to get some exercise by walking around our Promenade Deck. We joke that it is our veranda since we have a room without a balcony that actually looks out onto the Promenade Deck. It is .293 miles if you make one lap around the ship. So, three laps is about a mile and four laps assure me of getting at least a mile in. I try to judge time rather than distance though since some days are harder to walk than others.

The tough days are when we have rough seas. There are even times when the doors have a rope stretched across them warning that it is safer to stay in. The wind can get pretty strong, especially when you round the front of the ship. We’ve all gotten used to holding onto hats and sunglasses as we make the turn.

The other thing to keep in mind is that one side of the ship is going to be cool and the other, should the sun be shining, hot or at least warm. Then there’s the sea spray when the ship is moving through choppy waters. It has this way of blowing up the side of the ship and then over the railing to make the deck wet and freshen you up with a salty mist.

I do have to admire the marathoner who is training on board. I think she uses the gym on the days that the deck is closed because of wind. Don’t know how she manages to do that though since it’s in the front of the ship, top deck, and dips up and down a lot more.

There is an arrow to show the direction of the walkers and joggers for the day. I remember that it used to change each day when we cruised on the Serenity before. I guess the crew got tired of the jokesters who kept turning it to point up or down instead of left or right. It is now permanently set to point to the left. 

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