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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Checking Out The Tourism Offices

In the old days if you were planning a trip you could write to the office of tourism in the place or places you were going to visit and receive a packet of maps and coupons and all sorts of information to help you plan your trip. Today we have the internet but we still have offices of tourism as well.

A word of warning though. Be sure when you go online to search out the official office of tourism you don't end up on a site that is just a company offering tours. Many of the online offices will however usually supply links to tour companies for your convenience.

Most of the sites I've visited for places we planned to explore give a good historical background of the area with highlights of the most significant sights to see. They will also offer up ideas for recreation in their area and usually offer suggestions for where to stay which are probably supplied by the chamber of commerce or paid for advertising. Still, it's a starting point.

Some offices will also introduce you to value tickets to tour their city or area. We have seen several tour cards that package many of the sights in a city into one card and usually at a budget price. Be careful though that you are not buying more than you plan to see. We had one that we considered and found that we didn't want to see a lot of the offerings in the package and it would actually cost less for us to pay full price for the several that we would actually visit.

As I always say, do your homework. Now that comes from a former art teacher who never gave her students homework. Guess I've changed my habits.

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