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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Who Travels With Duct Tape?

Apparently a lot of people travel with duct tape and it has many uses I'd never thought of before. I stumbled onto a thread on the Cruise Critic Forum that was all about people traveling with a roll or at least a length of duct tape. Now the question is gray or a color?

The most common use for the duct tape was on luggage. Most often it was for luggage repair but it was also used for more easily identifying your suitcase. In that case a nice bright color or patterned duct tape would be best.

On a cruise ship that is tossing around a bit a closet door or a drawer might not lock in place and will cause an uneasy night of listening to it click open and closed. A piece of duct tape will keep it in place.

A torn hem can be quickly repaired with a piece of duct tape if you have no desire or supplies to fix it in a hurry.

Forget your strapless bra? Apparently duct tape can help out with that. I don't know how but I'm sure if you search online you'll discover the solution. I don't do strapless dresses or tops and I'm not sure I would feel comfortable with the thought of removing  the duct tape when the night was over. Does duct tape come in skin colors?

Those new shoes weren't broken in enough? A little duct tape on the blister (tissue cover first) will help. You can also use it in place of a bandaid on small cuts. When we go diving, we see this often since the duct tape sticks better when it gets wet.

Roll a piece of duct tape, sticky side out, around your hand and use it to remove lint from clothing.

Need to do laundry? Put tape over the drain in the sink so it will hold water. Make a clothesline from a length of duct tape, sticky sides together.

When you really want to block out the morning light and the curtains won't close completely use some tape to hold them shut.

And shoe repair is always a possibility with duct tape--that is enough to hold you until you get to go shopping.

An easy way to pack duct tape is to get an old plastic card like an outdated membership card or key card from a hotel and wrap some duct tape around it. It will fit in the suitcase a little easier than a large roll of tape.

Of course there are all sorts of projects you can make with duct tape like luggage tags, purses, coin/credit card wallets and even clothing. Check out the projects on the Duck Tape site.

Like my husband's sweatshirt says, "I can fix anything with duct tape."

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