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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Germ Phobia? Or Just Gross? When You Travel

There out there. Those who go through gallons of Purell and won't touch a thing touched by someone else. And some of them travel with us. So what's germ phobia? Or what's just plain gross? Here are some thoughts.

Start with having to take your shoes off going through security. While I don't think I'm a phobic I don't appreciate my bare feet traipsing across a cold floor. And yet I will go barefoot in so many other places. I used to get by the shuddering experience by wearing socks even with my sandals and then just popping them into my back pack once I was through security. Now we have Global Entry which fast tracks us through TSA as well. Shoes stay on. If you are over 75, you can also leave your shoes on. I'm getting there but I do have a few years to go.

Speaking of covering your feet, the other place is in the airplane's restroom. Not here I might be phobic but I can't imagine those restrooms getting sanitized before every takeoff. Neither can I imagine all those guys (sorry men) and even some ladies who don't sit well always hitting the mark. Definitely take some socks at the very least for a trip to the restroom or put your shoes on.

When we enter our hotel room one of the first things to be touched is the TV remote. I've seen all sorts of warnings that it is probably the germiest thing in the room. We don't usually think of that or bring disinfectant wipes to wipe it down. We have seen some hotels advertise with a card next to the remote that is has been sanitized. Okay. Not phobic about this one. Should I be?

Water fountains. Mom always yelled "don't put your mouth on that thing!" Now we're told that they could be harboring bacteria. Well, dehydration could harbor a lot of ills. We buy a bottle of water once we are through security. Yes, it's expensive in the airport but at least I don't have to listen to the echoes of Mom yelling at me. You hear the voice of your departed mom too, right?

My Purell is always in my purse or back pack. I don't go through gallons of it but I do try to remember to take some precautions when I feel it necessary and always before we eat when we've been out and about. I think I walk a healthy line between phobic and common sense.

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