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Friday, November 03, 2017

Making Travel Mysterious and Fun!

Am I ready to move out of my comfort zone? Maybe. I've found something that just may get me to budge from the all the planning and details of a trip. It's called Pack Up + Go. Here's how it works.

First you set a budget, a per person limit for a 2 night/3 day trip and set a date. The date needs to be at least four weeks in the future which makes sense for booking and for the agents to find the best prices. It is suggested that if you are traveling near a holiday that you pad your budget a bit more since travel during holidays is generally more expensive.

Then you fill out a survey that asks questions about what you are interested in when you travel and what you are comfortable with as a mode of transportation (road trip, airplane, bus, train). Do you prefer action, relaxation, culture? What kind of dining and entertainment do you like? Outdoors vs. museums? There is a survey example on the website so you can get an idea of the questions.

Once you checkout with payment, the agents go to work planning your getaway. They will do all the booking for your transportation and accommodations. And they will put together a packet full of suggestions for things to do, where to eat, and things to see.

A week before your departure date you will be given information on the weather at your destination, what to pack and where to go to depart for your trip.

Just a couple of days before your departure you receive an envelope with your destination enclosed along with the packet of recommendations for what to do, see, eat, etc. But wait! you don't open the envelope until you get to the point of your departure. It would spoil the spontaneity and surprise.

Once you are at your point of departure, you open the envelope and, as the name implies, Pack Up + Go.

So, what do you think? I'm thinking it would be a fun little getaway. Once we are through our current travel plans, I think we might try it out. It's only a couple of days and we choose what we want to do once we are at our destination. I tried to find complaints about the agency but couldn't find anything negative online. I say we give it a go.

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