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Friday, December 29, 2017

Cruising The Danube – Concert At The Belvedere Palace

An afternoon walking tour was on our agenda after settling in to the new upgraded suite aboard the Mozart. A bus took us into the old historic area and we saw many of the same buildings we’d seen while on our three day pre-cruise visit only now we were able to have a name to put to the buildings. We walked past the Belvedere Palace that was to be the site of our concert after dinner the next day. 

Then we spent a lovely evening being entertained and dined on board our wonderful riverboat.
The four of us had agreed we’d had all the Vienna Christmas markets we wanted to see so we passed on the tours that were included on that day and my sister-in-law and I spent the day reading and getting nails done while the boys decided they really wanted to get a special sausage sandwich they’d seen near St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The sandwich was made first with a large roll that was threaded down a long spiked metal rube that was heated and toasted the inside of the roll. Then they put a sausage down through the center along with any condiments like sauerkraut and mustard that you might want. They had a great time getting there and back and enjoyed their lunch.

Crystal is always planning special events for their cruisers and the concert at the Belvedere Palace was no exception. The buses lined up after dinner and took most, if not all, to the Belvedere Palace. We enjoyed a welcome with liquid refreshments and then a tour of the art gallery where the famous painting, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, is displayed. There are several other works of art that are significant but this one is kin to the Lady In Gold which was the center of quite a lawsuit to get it returned to its original owner family who were Jews during the Hitler regime when artworks owned by Jews were confiscated.

After our guided tour through the gallery, we were led into the Marble Hall and found a seat. I was in awe looking around. Huge crystal chandeliers that we had only seen through the windows as we had toured the grounds now hung above us shimmering with light. The ceiling was an amazing piece of art topping off beautiful moldings and walls of wood and perhaps marble. I never got close enough to decide if it was faux and just painted to look like marble. Soon the Schloss Schoenbrunn Orchestra of Vienna entered followed by the conductor and the music began.

There were of course several pieces from Mozart and Strauss and the orchestra was joined by the Ballet Club Wiener Volksoper. (Loosely translated, it was the Vienna Ballet and Opera). Two dancers and two opera singer performed a few pieces and it all blended into quite an evening of entertainment. I was impressed with their acknowledgement that not all in the audience might be fans of classical music so it was lightened with a little humor. Much appreciated and applauded.

 After our return our riverboat began its passage on the Danube. Next stop would be Melk, Austria.

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