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Friday, January 12, 2018

Cruising The Danube - Cruise Morning

My idea of river cruising was always sitting on the boat and watching the scenery go by. That doesn't happen a lot as much of the movement on the river is done at night. There were a couple of times however where we could spend a bit of time watching as our boat made its way along the Danube. One such morning came between Passau, Germany, and Krems, Austria.

There was a beautiful sunrise to begin the day and the sun stayed with us for most of the morning's journey. We sat in the forward lounge and sipped coffee and watched villages and farms and churches pass by.

Lock near Hofamt Priel
Along the way we went through several locks which are always interesting to experience. I think the river locks are more fun than even the Panama Canal locks--although the history and the size of the Panama Canal locks certainly make them a bit more spectacular. It is a thrill to see the boat either raise or lower to the level of the river as you circumvent the dams. The gates to the lock open and you see the river ahead and continue on your journey.

Lock near Persenberg-Gottsdorf
About mid-morning, there was a Crystal Society Party in the lounge (can you tell we never moved from the lounge?) We were in the top three for number of days cruising with Crystal Cruises. That 108 day world cruise gave us quite a boost--and probably the upgrade.

I love how my iPhone labels my pictures. It makes it so much easier to tell where they were taken. I have wished for that for a long time. This trip I had left my camera behind. I was glad I did. My phone took great pictures and with the labels I can tell now where the picture was taken even though I am writing this weeks after the journey. I will label some of the pictures we took as we cruised that morning.

Seeing the beauty of the landscape along the Danube makes it tempting to take the trip again--only in warmer weather.

Ybbs an der Donau

Weissenkirchen in der Wachau

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