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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Grand Cayman Diving

Looking forward to our annual dive trip to Grand Cayman with our grandson. This will be our seventh year. He started diving when he was 11 on a dare from his grandfather who is still following through on his promise to take him with us each year.

I went back and looked at some of my posts about diving and found this one from 2009. Unfortunately the invasion of the lion fish in the Caribbean have made these guys, juvenile drum fish, even harder to find. The lion fish feed on juvenile fish of most any species. Hopefully there is some progress being made on the culling of the lion fish who have few predators mainly because they are not really native to the Caribbean but having been introduced they say through an aquarium that was devastated in a hurricane. Eventually it is hoped that sharks, eels and a few other larger predators will put lionfish on their menu. Right now it's mainly on the human menu--restaurants have discovered delectable eating.

Diving Grand Caymon--2009

Our second morning of diving gave us some local entertainment featuring the juvenile drum fish. This little gem is hard to find because they usually hide well in the cracks and crannies of the reef. Our little star decided to show off for us and danced his way into a little spot of sunlight. The long fins look like ribbons as he wiggles and turns and scurries around. Out of a dozen snapshots, Bob got about three good ones. When he grows up, he won't look quite as cute--just like a puppy, they outgrow that adorable stage. He'll still be a study in black and white though and likely as hard to find.

This arrow crab decided to come out and play as well. Against my hand it is easier to see how fragile they look when in reality, they are pretty hardy creatures. They'd have to be to survive in this environment.

For dinner we stopped in at Portofino's which is just up the road--or down the road, can't tell which. It is advertised as Italian and has quite a pasta selection but on Tuesdays they feature Indian food and on Sundays a great buffet with local dishes. We each had seafood. Go figure.

Entertainment at the Reef's Rusty Pelican was good. Oldies with a Caribbean flavor. We made it an early night as usual. Too much diving. Too much relaxing. Too much warm balmy weather. Naw!

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