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Monday, December 30, 2019

The "Safe On A Plane" Movie

Looking back through some of my older posts I found a a memory that made me smile. In 2009, our Florida family came to visit and our grandson was quite taken with his first plane trip.

He was around three and a half and excited to tell me all about the flight when he arrived. He was particularly excited about the movie he saw on the flight.

"Oh," I said, "was it Mickey Mouse or Over the Hedge?"

"No." He shook his head and then beamed his beautiful smile at me. "It was 'Safe on a Plane' movie."

I looked to his mom for help. She explained that he was quite taken with the safety video that was played before takeoff--the one most of us just brush off if we've ever traveled before.

A few weeks later when we flew to Florida for a cruise, we stopped off to visit with the Florida family for a bit. Our grandson was excited to see us and when he realized that we had flown, his first question was, "Did you watch the movie?"

His mother had found the video on YouTube and he had watched it several times on his own at home. Over the years, he has watched many YouTube videos and retained a lot of facts from them. He could probably be a good Jeopardy contestant if he weren't only thirteen years old.

His sister though knows how to cut him down as only a younger sister can."Grandma, he thinks he's smart but he's only YouTuybe smart."

Ah, the smiles that grandchildren bring.

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