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Thursday, October 01, 2020

Where Were We September, 2016? Iceland!

You might notice, if you follow my posts, that I skipped reminiscing the year of 2017. Although we traveled that year, we didn't go anywhere in the fall However we did go to Iceland the year before in September.

 One of the places we have been to that we would like to visit again was Iceland. We flew to Reykjavik and spent fourteen days driving the Ring Road that pretty much goes all around the perimeter of Iceland. We had driven to Toronto to fly from there to Reykjavik as it was a cheaper flight and straight through--about five and a half hours, arriving early in the morning.

Upon arrival, we rented a car and began our adventure with a few stops on the way to our first guesthouse. An historic lighthouse, a bridge that spans two continents and our first hot spring are all recorded in my first post: The Iceland Adventure Begins

Our second day was spent driving the Golden Circle. Several amazing waterfalls, a fish ladder and a secret lagoon were among the stops we made. Link to the post: The Golden Circle 

The drive on the third day was only an hour and a half with no stops but we managed to turn it into a full day's excursion with stops at several waterfalls, a long walk to see the wreck of a DC3, a glacier and a beach with black sand. And you'll never guess where we slept! Link: The Southern Coast

Mossy lava rock, some berry-picking ladies, and a beautiful glacier lagoon were some of the sights along our drive the next day. Hot springs and glaciers don't seem like they would go together but the large glacier we visited actually takes up 14% of Iceland, Oh, and did I mention there are also volcanoes? Here's link to that day's adventure: The Glaciers

Day five was a bit misty and rainy but it gave the landscape a mystique that was beautiful. A fish farm, reindeer and the tallest waterfall in Iceland were a few highlights. Link; The East Coast

This next post was of a day filled with all sorts of adventure. We saw a powerful waterfall and the power of a hot spring erupting (both are videos). Then can you believe we actually had dinner while we watched cows get milked? We finished off the evening with a dip in a hot spring. Check it out here: Ever changing landscape

Each day we checked the online prediction of seeing the northern lights. The next place we were to stay was looking promising for viewing because of the area plus the conditions that were predicted but first we were going to have to do some laundry. Now that was a real challenge as great as the challenge of a tunnel with a cross street. Yes. Take a look at my post: The Akureyri

But would we see the northern lights? Tune in tomorrow.

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