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Monday, October 26, 2020

Soothing The COVID Crazys With A Road Trip

 We have some really nice "four walls" to look at. I'm not complaining--too much, but for two travel addicts staying in one place for more than six months was driving us a little crazy. Over and over our Michigan card buddies in Florida have challenged us to visit Mackinac Island. It's a six hour drive for us, about as much as one day heading south to Florida. Only in late October it wasn't going to get warmer the farther we went.

Bob checked out the Grand Hotel and grabbed his chest. I knew we were in trouble. The prices averaged $350/night. Once he caught his breath, he searched on and found lots of other options for hotels that were very nice--not grand but exceptional.

We settled on the Main Street Inn and Suites which was right in the middle of Main Street and across from the ferry docks. The price was much more acceptable and he booked three nights. 

The ferry options were the next step. You can take a ferry from Makinaw City or St. Ignace which is across the Mackinac Bridge. Being a fan of crossing bridges (he loves going across the Cuyahoga Valley bridges), Bob chose to take a ferry from St. Ignace. Two passenger ferry lines serve the island, Shepler's and Star Line. Both leave from either place but I think he chose Shepler's for their convenient (and cheaper) parking. 

All the reservations made, it was just time to sit and wait for two weeks and watch the weather forecast. It changed from bad to good and back again several times and at one point included the possibility of a mix of snow and rain making it hard to decide on what to pack. I settled on layers--lots and lots of layers.

Meanwhile we learned of a softball tournament involving our granddaughter happening that weekend before we were to leave and it was on our route to Mackinac. We booked another hotel for Sunday night and planned to get up early Sunday morning to make the first game which was two hours away. On the up side, we would have had to get up early to start the drive to Mackinac on Monday and this actually cut two hours off our travel time--and we would get to see our granddaughter and her parents. Win/win. Well, except. . .

The tale of our adventure begins tomorrow. Come back and see how it all worked out.

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