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Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Bookcovers - My Designs

 Not only do I enjoy writing my novels, I also enjoy designing the covers for the books. This latest release, The Christmas Prodigal, was fun. I usually use one of my photographs or use my graphic designer to blend my pictures together to create a design. This time I took a new direction. I made a colored pencil drawing of a scene that fits in with the story (pictured here).

Now after the initial drawing was done, I had to take a picture of it and using the editing program in Photo Gallery, I deepened the colors. Amazon self-publishing has a creative program that allows you to add the title and back cover information. I enjoy the creative process, start to finish. 

One of my favorite cover designs is the one I did last year for Letters From Santa. It's a photograph I took of a Santa hat, a letter and a pen (designed and made by my son, Ron). The letter was something I printed from one of the letters in the book. The items sat on a small desk in our foyer. 

My recent Annie Pickels series book covers were designed using a picture I took with my iPhone at the grocery store in the produce section when the pickles and dill were displayed together. Thankfully no one asked me what I was doing
arranging the dill a little more artistically.

The cover of A Pocketful of Christmas is from a picture I took during the winter after a snowfall in our backyard. 

My Casey Stengel series books feature pictures I took as well. I'm sure people on the cruise ship wondered why I was taking a picture of an empty deckchair. The next in the series will feature a photograph of a castle I saw in Ireland. But here I go, putting the cover before the finish of the story. I hope to have booth finished by St Patrick's Day, 2021. 

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